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A wandering mind, looking for somewhere to put all these thoughts down, except from inside my head — it’s a little too full.

Part 1 entails our cloudy but phenomenal adventures in Amsterdam, Holland (where we found the best burgers in the world)

photo by author

Back when times were easier, calmer, and less scary, after my A-Levels and my boyfriend’s first year of University, we planned to go on holiday as a reward and break for all our hard work.

We sat and looked through the cheapest holidays we could find, not too shabby, but not too posh, we were students of course, and my jaw dropped as my eyes widened across a deal on a 5 day trip to Amsterdam. A 4-star hotel and flights for both of us came to £420 (how fitting).

Oh. My.

My finger pressed confirm. And that was that.

Why is it called ‘falling’?

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

Love is so fascinating, isn’t it?

One person begins to know another, and in a sweet and swirling harmony their conscious, their unconscious, their hormones, their brain, their heart, their body, their soul just falls entirely for them.

The romanticist in me loves the connotation of ‘falling’ in love. It’s so poetic. For it does feel like falling.

Every other connotation of falling is negative. Falling over and hurting yourself. I am lucky enough to have never experienced the common dreams of falling endlessly down through the air. …

Hey, Doubts. Reckon You Could Be a Little Easier On Me Next Time?

by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

I am a perfectionist.

There is no doubt about that.

Though mysteriously, not about every aspect of my life.

I don't really mind if my room is a mess, and it doesn’t bother me that sometimes the home for my clothes is the floor and not neatly folded in a drawer.

Although these things do get annoying after a while, I wish I could care more about them.

Realistically, the thing I am a perfectionist about is my capabilities. My writing, drawing, unfortunately, everything I enjoy.

This week I began to write for my own enjoyment. Whilst having time to…

The chaos of my life, and how I have emerged stronger from the other side. You can too.

Photo by Sean Stratton on Unsplash

Since I lost my parents, I have had what I can only express as anxiety.

I didn’t lose them to death, like many have sadly suffered, I lost them to life, which I think, honestly, hurts me even more.

I was brought up to a seemingly already dysfunctional couple, my auntie and uncle, who have had custody of me and have been my parents since I was born. …

Reasons and Ways to Commit Yourself to Happiness, Acceptance, and A New Beginning.

A picture I took of the gentle waves caressing the smooth sand as the sun starts to set in the evening, behind fluffy clouds
taken by author

It seems so simple, so cliché. ‘Be yourself, live your life to the fullest, dont care what anyone else thinks!’ everyone preaches; it seems that’s the go-to advice for anyone who doesn’t know what to say, let alone how to help you.

Not only has this past year been a swirling ocean of everlasting turmoil, fish hitting you in the face in the form of money problems, isolation, anxiety, the news, loneliness and job-loss, it has been ever harder to ‘live freely’ and ‘to the fullest.’ …

How To Not Lose Your Marbles

It’s a well known fact that the world is in a bit of a mess right now.

We started the year afresh with a herd of loonies breaking into the US’ capitol building, rumours of Kanye having an affair with Jeffree Star, TikTokkers deciding to go to the Bahamas during a world wide pandemic…

The chaos that ensues on a daily basis is enough to make anyone’s head spin. It makes you ask yourself, ‘when is this all going to stop?’

Confusion, anguish and frustration are not uncommon feelings recently, but don’t fret, these feelings are shared by many around…

a place to relax, feel, be.

Photo by Timo Stern on Unsplash

It may sound cliché.

It may seem like teenage romanticism.

But there is no truer truth than this;

My boyfriend is my cosy place.

We’ve been together a long while now, and during that time I’ve had any cosy places I’ve cherished taken away from me.

The Bathroom

By Scott Broome on Unsplash

You know when you were a kid and whenever you went up to the counter to get a drink or an ice-cream, you always secretly eyed them and gave your sibling the one that was less full, or looked less yummy?

That wasn’t because we didnt love our siblings, of course! We loved as much as we could love the most annoying person on the earth to us then and there. We just wanted the better drink, the better ice-cream. …

Ellie Jackson

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